Tips and suggestions on How To Get To Mostar From Dubrovnik

How to get to Mostar from Dubrovnik by public transportation 

There are several ways on to how to get to Mostar from Dubrovnik. The cheapest, but not the most comfortable one is the public bus Dubrovnik – Mostar . Here you can find the timetables for departures from Dubrovnik to Mostar

Please note, Mostar has 2 bus stations, the EAST  and the WEST bus station. Now, you might want to check with the Bus driver, where he plans to stop the bus.  It would be smart to make sure he drops you off at Bus station EAST.

This is good to know because Bus station WEST is a bit far from the old part of Town with all the hotels, hostels and heritage sites.

A quick lesson in Bosnian language

Now, a quick lesson in Bosnian language that helps to get around if the bus driver is not English proficient . Bus station EAST is pronounced ISTOCNA STANICA and bus station WEST is pronounced ZAPADNA STANICA . You can also use Google Translate to listen to the correct pronunciation.

So, if you want the driver to drop you of  at bus station EAST, you would say something like this:”Molim da stanete na Istocnoj stanici” which means > Please stop at bus station EAST.

In case you this doesn’t work and end up at bus station WEST, at least you will know exactly where you are so you can inform your friends or hosts and they can pick you up.

You can also ask the attendant  at a gas station close by to call a taxi for you. The total cost should not exceed 6 KM . You can also double check with the taxi driver about the estimated costs of the fare by providing him/her with the destination address before you start the ride.

Organized day trips from Dubrovnik to Mostar 

Now, in case you have limited time but you still want to see the captivating beauty of Mostar, and a few more amazing sites along the way, you can join a Day Trip from Dubrovnik to Mostar as a way on how to get to Mostar from Dubrovnik

Scenic Routes Transfers Dubrovnik Mostar

If you have the time and money but want to get all the Bang for your Buck, and Carpe Diem on your way to Mostar, check out Scenic Route Transfers for style, comfort and off the beaten path destinations on your way to Mostar.

With a plethora of companies offering similar services , best do a search on  Google and choose the best option.

So, until next time , “Vidimo se” .

About the author: Armel Sukovic is a Serial Entrepreneur and a founder of several successful Travel and Hospitality businesses.  



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