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Scenic Routes Dubrovnik Mostar Transfer

Have you ever taken a public bus, and while dozing off in your seat, waiting the ride to be over, looked trough the window and watched a forest and a lake, saw a bird catching fish and wished you could take of those heavy shoes and plunge deep into the refreshing crystalline waters of the emerald mountain lake?

Ever looked at those magnificent mountain peaks, wondering what kind of hidden wonders lie beneath, just a stones throw away, but out of your reach?

Get the most out of your Balkan trip!

Well, this is where we come into play. Guided by the idea that travelers could actually see more of this beautiful country on their trips trough Balkans, we developed this product – Scenic Routes Dubrovnik Mostar Transfer, a hybrid between a day trip and a private transfer . We developed our transfer routes between the most interesting tourist destinations in the region, but avoiding busy main roads and motorways and by traveling via less congested, picturesque back roads known only to locals.  Our transfer routes are fixed routes with stops in major destinations, and those less known ones, but even more fascinating and of the beaten path.

Scenic Routes Dubrovnik Mostar Transfer – How does that work?

So, how does that work and where is the added value here? Well, lets say that you are planning to go from Dubrovnik or Split to Mostar or the other way around and you are not keen on traveling with a public bus. In addition to that you are not really rich on time and you want to make the most out of your Balkan Holiday.

Well, one thing you can do is to go ahead with our Balkan Scenic Routes Transfers and have the possibility to visit different attractions en-route and reach your bed safely at the end of the day.

Now, how much will all that cost? Well, for transfer pricing and details you can check the product category on .

Now another question might be something like: Are there any additional costs involved especially since we are visiting different attractions, I am sure that is not for free? No, you are right, that is not for free. The basic charge is for the price of the transfer with different optional activities offered.


Now how does that work? Lets imagine that a group of friends of different interests and activity preferences booked a Scenic Routes Transfer Dubrovnik – Mostar. We get on board in Dubrovnik and get a transfer to Trebinje. When we get into Trebinje we drive up the hill overlooking Trebinje for a birds eye perspective of Trebinje area. After that we drive down to the Old Turkish Quarter and there we have some free time. We pop over to the Tourist info center, grab some maps and and go ahead to explore the town.

I can imagine that you might need some pocket money here for refreshments in case you might want to join the locals in their coffee drinking rituals so omnipresent all over Balkans. Or in case you are feeling a bit peckish, you might want to grab a quick snack since the lunch is usually planned at this fantastic restaurant near Vjetrenica Cave, our next destination.

Trebinje also boasts a City bath, a big outdoor pool filled with water from Trebisnjica river and you might want to take a dip here before we continue our trip.

Vjetrenica cave

As we leave Trebinje, we are embarking on the second leg of our journey that takes us to see Vjetrenica Cave , which means a wind hole, named like this because of the strong cold wind coming out of the entrance to the cave. Vjetrenica Cave is also the largest cave complex in Bosnia Herzegovina, and one of the most important caves in the Dinaric Alps mountain range.

Now, strange sounds coming from our stomachs are reminding us that it is time for lunch  and we can take you to a fantastic restaurant close to the entrance of the cave where you can surprise your pallet with an array of local delicacies made from fresh local ingredients.

After lunch we have the possibility to go for a optional 45 min guided tour of Vjetrenica cave .

That’s all peachy but if somebody doesn’t want to see the cave? Well in that case, we suggest to take walk around and explore the remains of the rail system of the first narrow-gauge railway system in this part of the world which is located here and the beautiful scenery at Vjetrenica Nature Park . You can also visit the Orthodox monastery Zavala dating back to the  9th century while you wait for the rest of the people from the group to come back from the cave.


With out tummies full and our hunger for exploration quenched, for now at least, we continue our journey towards Stolac. Stolac is a  peaceful, sunny southern town full of breathtaking Ottoman architecture, a true playground for those with interests in anthropology, archaeology and history.

Upon arrival to Stolac, we will take you for a self guided visit of the Old Town Vidoski , built in a fortification on a hill overlooking Stolac.

After this, guide will take allow you  to explore other parts of Stolac on your own.


In the vicinity of Stolac, lies an ancient tombstone necropolis „Radimlja“. Experts estimate tombstones to be around 800 years old. We call these tombstones  stecak and are unique and characteristic for this country.

We will have the opportunity to take a look at the Necropolis before we head out to our final destination. That would be Bosnia-Herzegovina’s most beautiful city, Mostar.

Now, we have developed Scenic Routes Transfers for all of the main hotspots in the region. Bellow you can see the highlights for each of them.

Route Mostar – Sarajevo Highlights:

  • Grabovica – Hidden Lagoon
  • Jablanica – WW2 museum + Womens Arts&Crafts
  • Konjic – Titos Bunker+ Woodcarwing Museum
  • Sarajevo

Route Mostar – Split Highlights:

  • Radimlja – Medieval necropolis
  • Stolac – Old Town Stolac, Waterfalls, Ilirian Stronghold Daorson
  • Čapljina – Mogorjelo
  • Split

Route Mostar – Kotor highlights:

  • Radimlja – Medieval necropolis
  • Stolac – Old Town Stolac, Waterfalls
  • Ravno natures wonders, Vjetrenica Cave.
  • Trebinje – Exploring the old Town, Swimm spot
  • Kotor

Route Mostar – Belgrade highlights:

  • Sutjeska National Park
  • WWW2 komunist monuments
  • Kontroversial Drvengrad (Emir Kusturica Etno Village)
  • Belgrade

In case you are planning your trip to Balkans, and you need a free advice or suggestions on what to do and where to go, please send me and E-mail  or give me a call on + 61 (0) 426 971 331  between 9 am and 7 pm , Australian Eastern Daylight Time, Monday – Sunday.

About the author: Armel Sukovic is a Serial Entrepreneur and a founder of several successful Travel and Hospitality businesses.  


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